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Bianca Nicole Blair Crawford is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Bianca Belair.


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Royal Rumble 2021 Results
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30-Woman Royal Rumble Match

We go back to the ring and Mike Rome goes over the rules for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Out first comes Bayley at #1. Bayley stops on the ramp and the pyro goes off. Tom Phillips is at ringside with Byron Saxton and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler for this match. Bayley has “Cole” shaved into the back of her head and says something about challenging Michael Cole if she wins. Out next comes Naomi in the #2 spot, making her return.

Naomi taunts Bayley as she hits the ring but Bayley isn’t impressed. Bayley talks some trash in the middle of the ring. Naomi catches a kick and unloads with forearms. They run the ropes and Naomi takes her down with a hurricanrana. Naomi with a big kick to the face. Naomi mounts Bayley in the corner but Bayley turns it around. Naomi with a springboard kick and a Rear View. Naomi tries to dump Bayley but she hangs on. Bayley fights back in and clotheslines her. Bayley tries to dump Naomi as the timer starts up. The #3 entrant is Bianca Belair to a pop.

Belair hits the ring and dropkicks Bayley, then kips up for a pop. Belair tries to dump Bayley but she hangs on. Bayley fights back in but gets caught with a big Spinebuster. Belair with a big moonsault to Bayley. Naomi and Belair go at it now. Naomi avoids an elimination, as does Belair. Belair sends Naomi to the apron and Bayley tries to dump both of them. The #4 entrant is Billie Kay. Kay comes out with her resume and 8×10 photos. Belair and Naomi work on Bayley in the corner.

Kay goes and takes a seat with the announcers, putting on a headset for commentary. She passes out her resume and photos as the action continues in the ring. Kay says she’s thinking about joining the match. Belair almost gets eliminated by Bayley but she brings it back in. The timer starts up and the #5 entrant is Shotzi Blackheart from WWE NXT. Shotzi rides her mini-tank out. Kay has decided she wants to join Shotzi and enter the match together. Shotzi fires her tank projectile at Kay. Shotzi hits the ring and fights Bayley off. Shotzi flies off the top with a missile dropkick to Bayley. Shotzi unloads on Belair now, then Naomi. Shotzi sends Naomi to the apron, then hits a big running senton to Belair. Kay goes back to the announcers.

The #6 entrant is new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler. Kay approaches her to team up but Baszler punches her 8×10, then drops her at the bottom of the ramp. Baszler goes in and rocks Shotzi, then Naomi, then Belair. Baszler with a big knee to Shotzi, then knees to Naomi and to Bayley. Baszler drives Naomi into the mat. Shayna works on Belair at the ropes. Shotzi tries to dump Bayley. Naomi helps Belair work on Baszler. The timer starts up again and the #7 entrant is Toni Storm from NXT. Kay approaches Storm and offers a handshake but Storm just stares at her and keeps walking. Storm and Shotzi go at it in the ring. Storm drops her on her head. Storm with a big suplex to Bayley next. Storm with corner splashes to Shotzi and Naomi now. Naomi with a Rear View to Storm as Kay re-joins the announcers. Baszler eliminates Blackheart.

The #8 entrant is Jillian Hall making her WWE return. Kay is thrilled. Kay runs over as Hall sings on her way to the ring. Kay offers her resume and 8×10, and wants to team up. Hall likes the “Billie and Jillian” team name. They enter the ring together, unloading on Naomi and Bayley. They hit a double suplex on Naomi now. Hall with a cartwheel to Naomi. They try to dump Naomi but she hangs on. Bayley attacks Baszler. The #9 entrant is Ruby Riott.

Riott hits the ring and runs wild. Storm and Riott go at it now. Storm with a big German suplex. Kay interrupts a suplex from Storm to Riott, allowing Riott to superkick Storm. Kay and Hall attack Riott now but she just walks away from them. The #10 entrant is Victoria making her WWE return.

Victoria marches to the ring as Bayley pleads with her as a fan. She drops Bayley instead. Victoria rocks Storm and others, then Kay and Hall at once. Victoria levels Bayley again, then Riott with the big sideslam. Victoria scoops Bayley and slams her again. Victoria is dropkicked by Naomi out of nowhere. Naomi kicks Victoria out but she goes through the ropes. She fights back in and launches herself over the top with a leg drop. The #11 entrant is Peyton Royce. Royce takes her time getting to the ring. Riott and Royce go at it now. Royce unloads and sends her to the apron but she hangs on. Royce attacks Victoria now. Kay and Royce reunite The IIconics to double team Victoria but they have some issues. Bayley breaks it up. Royce levels Bayley with her version of Victoria’s Widow’s Peak. Victoria attacks Peyton and hits the Widow’s Peak. The #12 entrant is Santana Garrett from NXT.

Santana hits the ring and goes at it with Storm. Santana fights off Ruby and splashes them both in the corner. Santana works on Ruby now. Victoria and Belair go at it. Kay works on Baszler in the corner. Storm and Santana work on Ruby now. Belair fights back in after Royce tried dumping her. The #13 entrant is Liv Morgan. Liv runs wild and takes out Bayley, then Belair. Baszler attacks but Liv and Ruby double team her. Jillian ruins their celebration. Jillian turns on Kay now and drops her. Liv and Ruby try to eliminate Hall but she fights back in. Kay eliminates Jillian. Liv and Ruby eliminate Kay. Rhea Ripley is the #14 entrant to a big pop.

Ripley rushes the ring and starts dropping bodies. Ripley eliminates Storm. Baszler eliminates Victoria with the Kirifuda Clutch over the top rope. Ripley eliminates Santana. The #15 entrant is Charlotte Flair to a big pop. Baszler stop Bayley from getting dumped by Naomi. Belair works on Ripley. Flair takes her time getting down the ramp. Liv works on dumping Royce. Flair enters and levels Ripley, then Liv. Flair chops Ripley several times. Ripley fights back. Flair drops her on her head and then kips up again. Flair levels Naomi with a big boot. Bayley eliminates Ruby by going under the bottom rope and powerbombing her to the floor as she tried to do the same to Royce. Dana Brooke is the #16 entrant.

Dana rocks Ripley and flies off the top to dropkick Liv and Bayley at once. Dana goes back to the top with a senton to a group of Superstars. Brooke stands tall for a pop now. Baszler and Flair are tied up in the corner. Brooke misses a cartwheel elbow on them in the corner, but then rocks Belair in the other corner. Brooke drops Bayley now, then goes to work on Ripley. Royce tries eliminating Liv. Royce eliminates Liv, saving Bayley. WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson is the #17 entrant.

Torrie enters and hits a swinging neckbreaker to Naomi, then drops Belair. Torrie takes out Dana next, then Bayley. Peyton talks trash but Torrie hits a suplex. Torrie drops Flair next. Dana sends Ripley flying across the ring. Dana tries to dump Ripley but she hangs on. Dana tries again but Ripley powerbombs her on the apron. Dana is eliminated. The music for WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair hits for #18 and out he comes strutting. Lacey Evans is out next with Ric’s robe on. Charlotte is furious in the ring as this is the same robe she had on. Naomi grabs Flair from behind but gets decked. Evans struts to the ring as Charlotte watches. Evans enters the ring with the robe on but Flair drops her from behind. Flair unloads on Evans while she’s down. Evans rolls under the bottom rope and Flair follows, beating her up at ringside, pulling the robe off her.

Ripley works on Baszler in the ring now. Bayley has Royce down. Flair comes back and eliminates Royce. Torrie fights back in from the apron but Baszler eliminates her with a knee. Mickie James is out at #19 now. She decks Evans at ringside before entering. Bayley was eliminated by Belair as Mickie made her entrance. Bayley throws a fit at ringside.

Mickie and Flair have words and they go at it. Flair unloads with chops. Belair is down in a corner by herself. Naomi works on Ripley. Mickie goes to the top and sends Flair flying with a scissors. Baszler is also down in a corner by herself. Flair works on dumping Mickie but she hangs on. The #20 entrant is Nikki Cross. She rushes the ring and drops Baszler, Belair, Naomi, then stands tall and yells out. Cross splashes Flair, then Evans, then Baszler, then Belair and James at once. Cross with a bulldog to Belair, then a crossbody to Baszler. Ripley grabs Cross but gets rocked with a throat shot. Cross with a big tornado DDT to Ripley. Mickie works on dumping Naomi now. Cross drops Flair. Evans works on Baszler. The #21 entrant is Alicia Fox making her return.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth comes out as soon as Fox enters the ring. She yells at him and he tries to run away but here comes Drew Gulak, Lucha House Party, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo and other 24/7 Title contenders. Fox helps him fight them off. Fox rolls Truth up to become the new 24/7 Champion. The #22 entrant is Mandy Rose as Fox raises the title in the air and dances around with it.

Rose hits the ring and decks Fox. Rose and Fox brawl around now. Evans and Baszler work on Belair. Flair works on Cross. Rose eliminates Fox. Truth rolls Fox up at ringside and wins the WWE 24/7 Title back. Other Superstars chase Truth away through the crowd. Fox follows them.

Rose drops Cross now. Rhea goes to work on Evans. The #23 entrant is Dakota Kai. Kai hits the ring and levels Cross, then Mickie, then brawls with Ripley. Flair works on Belair in the corner. Rose works on Evans in another corner. Kai and Ripley go at it some more. Cross works on dumping Baszler. Evans fights Flair off. Evans eliminates Mickie with a Woman’s Right. Belair almost eliminates Naomi but she hangs on. The #24 entrant is Carmella.

Ripley ends up eliminating Kai and Rose as Carmella takes her time getting to the ring while Reginald hydrates her. Cross sends Carmella back out but Reginald catches her. Cross charges but Carmella rocks her from the apron. Carmella eliminates Cross. Tamina Snuka is out at #25. Tamina superkicks Reginald at ringside after he caught Carmella. This also eliminates Carmella as her foot touches the ground.

Snuka enters the ring and faces off with Ripley. They start brawling in the middle of the ring to a big pop. Belair sends Naomi over to the apron but she hangs on. Baszler works on dumping Flair. Evans and Ripley work on Snuka. Naomi is kicked to the floor by Evans and Belair but she lands on her back and keeps her feet int he air. Naomi grabs Belair’s hair and pulls herself back into the match. Belair stops her from using her hair but Naomi is already back in. They both swing each other to both get back into the ring. The #26 entrant is Lana making her return.

Lana walks down and stops at ringside, taking it all in. She enters the ring and tries to dump Ripley, who was working on Evans. Snuka decks Lana. Snuka beats on Lana in the corner now. Naomi with the big running split to Belair. Belair gets tossed but she hangs on and decks Naomi on the way back in. Flair works on Baszler in a corner. Lana fights back with Snuka. Lana runs over and tries to dump Evans now. The #27 entrant is Alexa Bliss.

Bliss droops Naomi, Lana, Snuka and Ripley, while smiling for a pop Ripley tackles Bliss as she jumps around. Everyone jumps Bliss at once and the crowd boos them. The lights go down some in the virtual crowd. Bliss starts to transform into her darker version in the middle of the ring but Ripley eliminates her before she can fully transform.

The #28 entrant is Ember Moon. She hiss the ring and goes to the top, hitting the Eclipse on Baszler, making her roll to the floor it looks like. Moon drops Ripley next. Moon drops Naomi with a dropkick now. Moon with a double top rope move to Snuka and Flair now. Lana tries to dump Moon. The #29 entrant is new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nia Jax as Moon drops Lana. Jax helps Baszler up at ringside and they hit the ring together, unloading on Evans and Naomi.

Baszler eliminates Evans. Moon goes for Baszler. Jax eliminates Moon. The champs double team Naomi now and she’s eliminated. Jax and Baszler have some words over Snuka with Jax apparently standing with her family. Snuka and Baszler go at it. Snuka ends up eliminated by both Jax and Baszler now. Jax and Baszler start fighting each other now. Ripley attacks Baszler to break it up. Jax goes for Flair. Baszler slams Ripley on her face. Jax grabs Baszler and tosses her for the elimination.

Lana jumps on Jax’s back but gets slammed. Jax stalks Lana and she jumps through the ropes. Jax follows and chases her around the ring, then back in. Lana slaps Jax. Jax charges but Lana dumps her over the top rope, eliminating her. Jax is furious. The #30 entrant is Natalya now.

Jax and Baszler drop Natalya at ringside now. They enter the ring and attack others, including Ripley, then Belair, then Flair. The referee orders the champs out of the ring and they finally leave after some chaos. They stop at Natalya as fans boo. Jax rolls Natalya in the ring. It’s down to Natalya, Flair, Belair, Ripley, and Lana now. Natalya checks on Lana and hugs her. Natalya attacks Lana from behind and drops her. Natalya eliminates Lana.

Natalya levels Flair with the discus clothesline. Natalya beats Belair down in the corner now. Natalya sends Belair to the apron but she hangs on. Ripley approaches but Natalya drops her on her head. Ripley counters and fights with Natalya some more. Natalya has her on the apron now. Belair runs over and eliminates Natalya for a pop. It’s down to Flair, Ripley and Belair now.

Flair smiles as she looks around the ring. Belair also sees what’s happened. All three Superstars get to their feet as the crowd cheers them on. They meet in the middle of the ring and start brawling. Flair gets double teamed and beat down. Flair fights them off with a kick and a forearm. Flair launches Belair over her head. Flair points up at the WrestleMania 37 sign while staring at Ripley. They brawl now. Flair and Ripley trade counters at the ropes. Flair drops Ripley. Flair charges with a big boot but Ripley ducks and sends her to the apron but she hangs on. Ripley runs into a boot. Belair runs with a cartwheel and stuns Flair on the apron. Belair and Ripley knock Flair off for the elimination with a double team.

Belair is taunting Flair now. Ripley comes from behind and dumps her over the top. They both end up hanging on trying to prevent their feet from touching. They pull back up and are sitting on the apron now, staring at each other. Ripley tells Belair to calm down and not do anything stupid. They slowly crawl back into the ring and start brawling into the corner. They both avoid eliminations. Belair fights back in from the apron now. They both meet in the middle of the ring and drive each other face-first into the mat with handfuls of hair. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now.

They both get up and continue brawling. Ripley with a kick to the head. Ripely has Belair on her shoulders but she fights off. Belair goes for a Glam Slam but Ripley sends her into the ropes. More big power moves and counters now. The Riptide and KOD are blocked. They tangle some more and Belair knocks Ripley over the top rope for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the match, the music hits as Belair gets emotional and begins celebrating. We go to replays. Charly Caruso enters the ring for an interview. Belair is emotional now. She’s been telling everyone but now she showed everyone and she’s going to be The EST at WrestleMania. She gives a shout-out to her parents and husband Montez Ford, and says she did it. The music starts back up and Belair continues the celebration as Tom confirms that she is going to WrestleMania 37. An emotional Belair poses in the corner and points up at the WrestleMania 37 sign as the fireworks go off.


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